List On Scoufi Now!!!

Scoufi helps location owners and agents generate a steady source of income, while actors / model can get noticed for their talent. Scoufi presents a bankable option that you can continue to leverage for your lifetime.

Why List Your Property On Scoufi?

Scoufi is for everyone who owns or has access to an apartment, villa, restaurant, salon, gym, retail store or any residential and commercial premises. We help you monetize your premises that can act as a long-term income source for you.

Earn Substantial Revenue

Yes, you read that right. You can earn up to a month’s rental value of your premises by hosting a Film / Photography shoot for as little as a day or even a few hours.

Meet your Favorite Film Stars

Can it get any easier? Meet your favorite celebrities from the industry as they shoot at your premises.

Get your Property Featured

Go around flaunting about your property as it gets featured in TV Series, Web Series, Movies, Commercials and Photo Shoots.

Why List As A Talent On Scoufi?

Looks don’t matter…anybody can be an Actor / Model irrespective of how they look. If you have got the right model, Scoufi can help you make it big in the Film / TV / Web Series / Talent industry.

Give New Wings to your Talent

Scoufi is for everyone with dreams of becoming an Actor / Model. We especially have a huge demand for infant, child, and teen Actor / Model.

Get Discovered Quickly

Get noticed for your talent through our smart and intuitive database.

Eliminate Middlemen

Production personnel themselves use Scoufi to find the talent according to their needs.

Leverage the New-age Cinema and Advertisements

The rising prominence of Web Series and advertisements means there are endless opportunities for acting and talent.

Why Register As An Agent On Scoufi?

What better than having a business in the film industry. Make tons of money, hob nob with celebrities and live life king size!!! As our agent you get to strike deals with Producers and Directors on behalf of the properties you register. Scoufi helps you start a highly profitable business.

Minimum registration fees

You can recover the registration fees within the first few bookings.

Great Earning Potential

You are guaranteed to have an excellent earning potential based on the number of properties you register / shoot bookings you make.

Long-term Association

You can look for a steady and long-term partnership and register as many new properties as you want.

Meet your Favorite Film Stars

Rub shoulders with your favorite celebrities from the industry as they shoot at properties represented by you.

If you are good at talking and have access to a Computer / Smartphone this is a great business to venture into. Start earning revenue immediately by registering premises of your friends and family or by registering your friends and family as Actors / Model.

All you need is the vision to dream big and the fire to make it happen. We will help you with the rest!!!