1. Please provide more information on Scoufi and your company’s background in production, etc.

Scoufi is a new venture of Digikore Studios. Digikore has been a part of the Film & Television industry for over 21 years and works with almost all major Film & TV production companies including Netflix, Amazon, Warner, Disney, Hulu, Paramount, Sony etc. Please visit www.digikorevfx.com for more information on Digikore Studios.

Scoufi is an Ultra Short Term Property Rental Platform that helps – INDIVIDUALS & BUSINESS OWNERS rent their property to film & television producers as well as photographers for shoots and build a steady rental income

PRODUCERS & PHOTOGRAPHERS to easily find the best locations for their film, TV and photography shoots.

2. Please provide more details on your major competitors? We did find a similar site in Ontario, Canada that is free.



3. What type of advertising will you have in addition to Facebook ads?

Apart from digital, we are looking forward to face to face selling, where the sales reps will go to the property owners and get them to list on Scoufi. Face to Face sales will be the most important sales channel for us.

4. What is your commission structure for the sales launch in India?

Agents: 30% commission

Agencies: 50% commission

5. What are the demographics of the home/business owners that list? Are you targeting specific people or businesses?

Technically every person who owns or has access to a property that can be offered for shoots is a potential target customer for Scoufi.

6. What reporting would Scoufi provide for sales tracking?

You can view all registrations by your reps on the agency panel.

- On registration, every agency is provided with a panel where they can add agents.

- Agency talent works on credit basis.

- These agents will get property listed on Scoufi and collect the payment.

- The agent ensures that the payment is made to the agency.

- At the end of every fortnight an automated invoice is generated by Scoufi for the listings registered by the agency’s agents for that fortnight. Once the payment is made, the listings are converted to paid on Scoufi’s panel.

- Payment has to be made within 7 days of the date of invoice.

- Monitoring and filtering of fraud listings by agents is the responsibility of the agency.

7. Is there a portal that the agents would sign into?

Scoufi will be providing the portal for the agents to login once they have registered.

8. Can you please explain the sales process and outline the time to complete a sale? Also, what training would be required for the sales reps?

The agents have to meet local / small business owners, explain the benefits of listing on Scoufi and register them. Since there is nothing technical, an agent with even very basic training which includes information on Scoufi and its benefits should be good to get on the field.