Scoufi Is A First-Of-Its-Kind Online Platform To Discover Locations And Talent For Film, TV & Photography Shoots


It requires the apt location, surroundings, and the right cast for a story to roll out convincingly. Production houses often find it cumbersome to select apt locations and talent without wasting time. We are here to bridge that gap. Scoufi offers a location and talent scouting platform you can use to fulfil your goals within minutes.


Location owners are in for a delight as well. They can host their premises for shootings just for a few hours or days and get paid up to a month’s rental value of the premises. And it just doesn’t end there. Location owners also get to feature their property in movies and meet celebrities during shootings.


Scoufi is also a hub for all talented models. We feel good looks are secondary but talent is primary for anyone looking to make it big in the industry. Our talent management services help you get noticed and land that dream opportunity in the film and television industry.


Scoufi is a venture of Digikore Studios, a leading film and television production services company. We have worked on over 150+ films and TV series in the past decade. We have delivered Post Production services on projects for Disney, Marvel, Netflix, Amazon, Apple TV, Sony, Warner, Hulu and Paramount.


Our friends include top-level executives at some of the largest Film & Television production companies in the World. Our close association with the film and television industry has enabled us to launch this concept and reduce hassles in the production of movies. Similarly, we want to help location owners monetize their assets to generate a steady source of income. Location owners can expect to earn up to a month's rental value in as little as a day or even a few hours. We are also a Talent discovery platform. Scoufi is for everyone with dreams of becoming an actor/model. We especially have a huge demand for infant, child, and teen actors / models.

Individuals can list themselves as actors / models. Producers and photographers can easily find the best-suited talent for their projects.


Below are some of the Film & Television productions we have worked on