Scoufi Is A First-Of-Its-Kind Online Platform To Discover Locations And Talent For Film, TV & Photography Shoots

Our Story

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Our Origins

Scoufi is a venture of Digikore Studios, a leading Film & Television Post Production services company. We deliver Post Production services on projects for Disney, Marvel, Netflix, Amazon, Apple TV, Sony, Warner, Hulu and Paramount. Over the last 20 years, we have been directly or indirectly involved in the making of over 150 Films & TV Series. We bring to the table tremendous experience and connections in the Film & Television Industry. Our friends include top-level executives at some of the largest Film & Television production companies in the World. Location and Talent scouting are one of the biggest pain areas for Film & Television producers and Scoufi is now the solution for this problem.

We help businesses generate substantial ancillary revenue by hosting Film, Television and Photography shoot at their premises. Business owners can expect to earn up to a month's rental value of the property in as little as a day or even a few hours shoot.

We are also a talent discovery platform. Scoufi is for everyone with dreams of becoming an actor/talent. We especially have a huge demand for infant, child, and teen Actor/Model. Individuals can list themselves as Actor/Model. Producers and photographers can easily find the best-suited talent for their projects. Below are some of the Film & Television productions we have worked on