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For Individuals

Earn substantial revenue by listing yourself as an Actor/Model for film, tv and photography shoots

For Businesses

As a business owner you can earn substantial revenue by hosting film and photography shoots at your premises.

For Producers and Photographers

Easily find the best suited locations and talent for your film, tv and photography shoots

Film Shoots

Why List On Scoufi

Earn A Substantial Revenue

Yes, you read that right. You can earn upto a month’s rental value of your premises by hosting a film / photography shoot for as little as a day or even a few hours.

Meet your Favorite Film Stars

Can it get any easier? Meet your favorite celebrities from the industry as they shoot at your premises.

Get your Property Featured

Go around flaunting about your property as it gets featured in movies.

Give New Wings to your Talent

Scoufi is for everyone with dreams of becoming an actor/model. We especially have a huge demand for infant, child, and teen actor/model.

Popular ListingCategories

Spaces of all shapes, styles, and sizes are sought after on Scoufi. Scoufi is a one of its kind platform that has a space for everyone with over 250+ categories and subcategories. we will be the largest library of locations across the globe.

Business / Building 6 Properties
Residential 2 Properties
Scenic location 2 Properties
Farm House 8 Properties
Auditorium 2 Properties
Studios / Sets 2 Properties

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Listing Categories

Earn Upto One Month's Rent In Two Days

<p>Scoufi gives you an opportunity to earn a substantial revenue which is equal to a month&rsquo;s rental value of your premises by hosting a shoot for just a few hours or a day! And that&rsquo;s not all! You also get a chance to feature your property in a movie and talk to your favourite celebrity over a cup of coffee!</p>


They Are Talking About Us

The right location is absolutely crucial to establish the storyline and connect with the audience. We know all too well about this at Scoufi, as one of the biggest production studios working on Hollywood and Bollywood projects. Scoufi was designed and built to simplify the process of selecting the ideal location for shoots.

Our Testimonials

Scoufi not only helps you find a great location for film and photography shoots, but it is also a talent discovery platform. It covers over 120 countries and diverse locations and is just as easy to use as Google. A wide variety of talent and actors can be found there.

Our gym is located in New Delhi. Due to the Covid situation, it was closed most of the time. We then heard of Scoufi. By listing our premises on Scoufi, it became a location for film and photography shoots, providing us with an opportunity to earn additional income.

Scoufi is a one stop solution for scouting locations and discovering actor/model for Film and Photography shoots. Dedicated entirely to the Film and Television industry, Scoufi includes detailed photos, description, maps, website links and more to help you in your search for the best suited location or talent for your film.

I heard about Scoufi through a friend. I listed my house just to see how it works! Registration and listing were a breeze. To my surprise, I've started getting inquiries about shooting at my house.

Finding the most suitable location to shoot a film is a crucial and challenging part of the filmmaking process. Getting it right costs a lot of money and time. Thanks to Scofi, this task has become much easier. Today, we can browse through many different locations from around the world!

I have always been passionate about the film and television industry. One of my dreams was to work with some of my favorite celebrities. Up until now I never thought it was possible. Then I found out about Scoufi. I created my account and listed myself as an actor. It encourages you to list your talent as an actor or talent regardless of your size, shape, or colour.

Our Blogs

Shooting Place 25-Oct-2021

Scoufi Opening doors for GenZ

We are now opening up and allowing listing of space for free to all individuals

Shooting Place 25-Oct-2021

Scoufi Opening doors for GenZ

We are now opening up and allowing listing of space for free to all individuals

Shooting Place 25-Oct-2021

Scoufi is here to transform short term property rental..

Scoufi a new kid on the block has just arrived and making waves. Owing to the success we are opening up the.